Jo D. Jonz

Say something interesting about your business here.Classically, trained, veteran, actor, who has spent nearly a lifetime, perfecting his

craft, Mr. Jonz is un-matched, in his ability to embody a character.

He is a true renaissance, of artistic, expression, skill and commitment.

Jonz is a professional, method actor, director, writer, comedian, athlete and musician. With hundreds of appearances in magazines, television, film, stage, boxing rings and concert halls.

Jonz admits, “He is just getting started”.

Known in the acting world by his peers as "The Truth", which derived from his raw, energy

that he brings to every character he portrays.

One of his most recognizable roles is in the first of HBO’s signature film series called, First

Time Felon which starred Omar Epps, directed by Charles Dutton (Produced by Len Amato -

President Of HBO Films), as well as scene stealing performances in Next Day Air, Book of

Love and Deadlocked, Proving that he can more than hold his own, Jo D, shines alongside

some of the most popular, actors of the day.

Astutely, accredited acclaimed and awarded - winning. Jonz has appeared in numerous televised shows